Flora Carmelin bags are designed and produced in Italy by skilled Italian craftsmen. They are synonymous with Made in Italy quality and style.

The leathers, mainly of calf and bovine origin, are high-quality and come from the best Italian tanning tradition.

The full grain calf leather, above all, has a very soft touch. Every piece of leather is unique: slight differences in colour and grain are a sign of authenticity.

Even if Flora Carmelin leather bags are designed to last, some simple care advice will ensure they stay in perfect condition.


  1. Do not load the bag with excessive weight.
  2. Keep it in the dust bag when you do not use it.
  3. Treat it regularly with a specific product for leather.
  4. Avoid contact with greasy and oily materials, mud, dirt, rough and darker colour surfaces.
  5. Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight and humidity.
  6. Use a professional dry-cleaning service specialised in leather accessories to clean the bag.