The world of Flora Carmelin combines the experience of big cities, the creativity of contemporary art and architecture, unadorned Milanese simplicity, and the warmth of southern light.

The aesthetics of uniqueness

The aesthetics of Flora Carmelin bags take inspiration from the principle of 'less is more'. Each model is designed through a process of subtraction, a search for proportions and essential lines.

The bags are designed in Italy to accompany you in life.


A Milanese in the south

A typically Milanese character of modesty and unadorned simplicity mixed with the vitality and warmth of southern light.

Inside the minimal and simple forms of its models, Flora Carmelin plays with the colourful and playful linings that inspire and surprise.



Italian style, high-quality craftmanship

All bags are hand-made by Italian craftsmen. Flora Carmelin draws on the richest tradition of Italian savoir-fare. The headquarters located in via Lomazzo is devoted to the design of the prototypes of the collection.

Flora Carmelin bags are made in limited quantities and with great technical expertise.




A question of choice

Flora Carmelin follows principles of the highest quality in the selection of raw materials. The selected leathers are closely related to the food industry and originate from the Italian tanning industry. Metal finishings, threads and textiles are the result of research on form, colour and durability.





Sustainable design

Sustainability for Flora Carmelin means creating high quality long-lasting products.

Combining art and innovation to give life to forms that express a discreet elegance that is far from the culture of disposable fashion.




The headquarters

Located in early 20th-century Milanese building, it was renovated by Golinelli Sala associated architects preserving the original beauty and reinterpreting it through new details and playful touches of colour.



Who is Flora Carmelin?

Flora Carmelin is a pseudonym combining three names, and a tribute to Carmelina, the designer's Sicilian great grandmother.

Her bags come from her life experiences: long periods spent in London, Berlin, Paris and La Paz. A passion for contemporary art and architecture, for classical and dodecaphonic music.

She established the Flora Carmelin brand in 2019.